mardi 23 novembre 2010

22 nov 2010, Anvaing somewhere in Belgium (Hainaut)

Im thankful

Iam well but exhausted

This monday was truly mad approx 250 children in 6 hours with an half an hour pause
2 gether with the JADE (young volunteers for children rights promotion)
We taught the youths bout their rights 

They know they have rights for free time, 
I try to explain them 'bout the importance of Education and useful knowlegde

we had good response from the youths

The teachers said that it went too fast, we totally agree !
The Jade and I will talk bout it in our meeting 2morrow

Stay tune, children got rights right here !

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  1. Bravo Bideli, my friend!
    this is a brilliant idea, to make a blog about your action on children's rights!
    if u r wondering who i am, i'm elena!